Features to Consider in a Hand Dryer for Your Medical Clinic

The hand dryers installed in your medical clinic may be more important than you realize. They keep you from having to invest in paper towels and keep paper waste out of restrooms and exam rooms and may provide a more sanitary option for hand drying than paper. When you're ready to install new hand dryers or are replacing the dryers already in your facility, note a few features to consider. This will ensure you choose quality dryers that offer the service you need.

1. Fastest drying

Hand dryers that offer a high force of drying air may consume more electricity overall, but they can mean faster drying of hands. This is very important to consider in a busy facility where you may see a line forming at the restrooms in front of the dryers. Since persons using the hand dryers cannot simply take a towel and walk away in order to dry their hands, you need to think about how long it takes each person to get their hands dry. Invest in the fastest drying time possible for busier clinics.

2. Thermal cutoff

Thermal cutoff will stop the hand dryer from working if it gets too warm. This can be a good choice in very busy clinics where the dryer is in constant use. It can prevent the dryer from producing air that is too warm and which can actually burn skin and reduce the risk of overly warm air igniting dust that may be caught inside the dryer.

3. Noise reduction

The housing of a unit and how the internal parts are configured will affect the amount of noise created by a hand dryer, so note how the noise can be reduced by a unit. This may mean a plastic housing rather than metal and insulators around the motor and blower. A quiet unit may be a good choice for clinics, as patients may already be anxious about visiting a doctor and may not appreciate the constant sound of hand dryers or anything else that can add to their overall tension.

4. Sensor operated

Choosing sensor operated hand dryers will ensure they don't keep running long after someone has walked away. This can also cut down on potential bacteria that may linger on a unit from those who haven't done a thorough job of washing their hands and who then transfer that bacteria to a dryer's button or switch.

For more information about your options for dryers, contact a local supplier or visit sites like http://www.pacifichygienesystems.com