A Few Things You Don't Want to Overlook When Renting a Skip Bin

When you're renting a skip bin, no doubt you'll be concerned about the size of bin you get. However, there is much more to getting a bin that works for you than just its size alone; you want to ensure you can safely use the bin and understand all the details involved in its use. Note a few things you don't want to overlook when renting a skip bin for any home project.

1. Will it damage your driveway?

 Very heavy bins loaded with chunks of concrete, roofing tiles, and other such materials may be a risk for damaging any concrete or asphalt driveway. The weight can crack or chip concrete or leave heavy tread marks in asphalt. You may be especially at risk if your driveway has an aggregate or special finish as the weight of the bin may chip or mark up these finishes, which are usually difficult to repair on your own. If you're concerned about any damage to your driveway, discuss this risk with the bin rental agency and note if it might be better to get a permit and place the bin in the road instead.

2. Consider if neighbors might use the bin 

If you're keeping the bin overnight, your neighbors might be tempted to use it and this can be a problem for you if it overfills your bin. If you're not sure if you can trust your neighbors when you have a bin overnight, get one with a lid that locks. At the very least, get a tarp that wraps around the bin and secure it with cords so that it's much more difficult for neighbors to toss their own trash and other items into the bin when it's on your property.

3. What's forbidden to be put in the bin

Never assume that a skip bin is a catchall for anything and everything to toss out, but you need to know what is forbidden to be put in the bin. This can include household items like mattresses and tires, as well as batteries of any sort, any type of flammable liquid including cooking oil, and food waste. If you're thinking of tossing out an old refrigerator, you may then need to clean it out before you do. Most skip bin rental agencies will have a list of forbidden items, so be sure you check this list before you rent so you avoid fines or added, unexpected fees.